Information Manager

InfoManager 1.0

InfoManager 1.0: InfoManager includes sticky notes, calendars, contact manager, tasks and to-do. InfoManager is a personal information manager designed to help you store and manage the vast amount of information that we use in everyday work and leisure activities. There are many different ways of storing information, such as with on-screen sticky notes, card files, calendar notes, to-do lists, contacts database, and so on. It also includes an internet Favorites organiser, biorhythms, date calculator, alarm and appointment reminder.

CardFile PS Net 6.5.610: Your professional information manager, with password protection for cd keys and
CardFile PS Net 6.5.610

Keep your professional and personal data centralized and easy to retrieve with PinderSoft`s CardFile PS Net - Professional Information Manager. From CD keys to business contacts to passwords, registration numbers and more, CardFile PS Net keeps your most important data from going missing. Password protection keeps your data safe and secure. CardFile PS Net professional organizer is our next generation software in personal information managing.

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Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager 1.0.2

Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager(Joy Gnotes) is a personal information manager that helps you make plans, organize your private life and company business, it is a powerful combination of diary, note, contact and reminder; Password-protected feature can limit access to your personal informations with password. The user-friendly interface combines all your diaries, notes, contacts and reminders.

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MSD Organizer Freeware 9.20: MSD Organizer, complete personal and professional information manager
MSD Organizer Freeware 9.20

information manager with the following main features: · Personal and professional information manager, with calendar, contacts, alarms, tasks, cards and union (all modules gathered in one). · The multiuser version allows every user of a network to keep personal information private and at the same time allows to connect to the server and access the common information and share it with other MSD Organizer users. · Provides tools to communicate with

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A-Z Organizer All-in-one, Multi-functional information manager for personal and business needs
A-Z Organizer

information more effectively. MAIN FEATURES: * Compact, easy-to-use, multi-functional information manager for personal and/or business needs. * Customizable day planner with audio and pop-up reminder. * Advanced schedules and tasks management tools with graphical illustrations. * Detailed contact information manager by groups, with audible and pop-up annual events alert options. * Business contacts information manager with automatic linkage to specified

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SoftX Secure Notes 3.4: Organize and securely store your personal information with SoftX Secure Notes.
SoftX Secure Notes 3.4

A Personal Information Manager (PIM), which enables you to organize and securely store your personal and sensitive information. You can create different database files for different kinds of information. For example, you can create one database file to keep your passwords, one for storing your ideas and thoughts, one for your reminders and one for your diary. This information will be accessible from your personal computer and/or Pocket PC.

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FocusDesktop 1.3: PIM Personal Information Manager to organize and make your information portable
FocusDesktop 1.3

PIM - Personal Information Manager where you can store your address book, calendar, to do lists, documents and annotations in one place. It`s also easier to backup your information. Organize your information and separate it in projects. Main Benefits - Organize your projects to increase productivity - Access all information in only one place - Complete tasks and activities anywhere - Backup your data effortlessly

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